The social trip planner
that connects the dots

Let your friends know when you've got big trips and events coming up.
Share plans and pictures and easily manage your privacy for each event.

Create Tips

Whether planning a group trip or traveling solo, CoMotion can help keep everyone in the loop and up to date. Just create a trip and invite any of your friends.

Make Events

Add events that will take place during your trip. During and after the trip you and your fellow travelers can easily share photos and messages with each other. Privacy settings let you choose who can see your photos and plans, so if you and your friends are planning a surprise party, CoMotion won't ruin the surprise!

Connect with anyone

Whether you and your friends are planning parties, vacations, road trips, or something else, CoMotion's built-in chat lets you share ideas, and the details are always right there when you need them, not lost in a sea of status updates.


With traditional social networks, it's easy to miss your friends' upcoming travel plans or big events because any announcement is quickly buried in newer status updates. CoMotion focuses on future plans so you can easily keep track of what's coming up.